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  • Welcome to Kunshan Tiandi Packaging Material Co., Ltd.


    Dedicated to Soft Package R&D and Production
    Committed to product technological innovation

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    Are you haunted by the following issues when choosing packaging materials?

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    4 core advantages for Tiandi Packaging

    Professional technical team, with powerful hardware

    Cutting-edge production technology and complete
    manufacturing system

    Perfect design and prominent techniques

    Completed after-sales system

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    About TiandiA renowned brand of professional soft package manufacturer

    Founded in 1998, Kunshan Tiendee Packaging Materials Co., Ltd. is aprofessional soft packaging material manufacturer that integrates R&D,production, sales and service into one. Situated in Kunshan City of JiangsuProvince, the company currently occupies an area of 26000m2, withthe Kunshan New Park put into production in 2014. Covering all provinces aroundthe nation with its sales network, the company offers various packagingmaterials for thousands of companies.
    While givingfull play to its R&D and production experience in the past decade, thecompany also introduces cutting-edge production equipment both at home andabroad. Currently the company has over 30 pieces of printing, film blowing,compounding, cutting and bag making equipment and a high quality employee team.Amid the changeable market, the company has constantly been devoted totechnical innovation.
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    Mobile: 139-6269-2159 139-1575-3556 189-6269-8601
    Phone: + 86-0512-57807178 / 57899759 Fax: + 86-0512-57899721
    E-mail: tdbc9759@126.com Address: Xiangshi Rd, Stone Monument, Bacheng Town, Kunshan, Suzhou, Jiangsu
    Website keywords: Aluminum foil bags Vacuum bag Shielding bag Aluminized bags Nylon vacuum bags Moisture-proof anti-static aluminum foil bags Anti-static shielding bag Composite film

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